What is Albinism?Albinism is a hereditary condition that results in a lack of pigmentation in skin, hair and eyes.
This inherited condition is characterised by a lack of the pigment melanin, resulting in pale eyes, light hair, pale skin and impaired vision. Both parents must carry the gene to pass it on, but they may not have albinism themselves. Although in Europe and North America approximately 1in 20,000 people has albinism, the rates are high in Africa with about 1in 1,500 .

Learn about the issues that affect persons with Albinism in Refugee settlements in Uganda.
Discrimination& Rejection.

Persons with Albinism in Uganda particularly in refugee camps face discrimination, isolation and abandonment.
The everyday life of persons with albinism in refugee camps in Uganda is too often characterised by loneliness, rejection and poverty. Children with albinism are stigmatised by their peers. They’re often stared at and made fun of.
The parent’s superstition may lead them to completely abandon or even kill their newborns. well-meaning but fearful parents may lock away their children with albinism, isolating them from making friends, going to school and going  to recreation centres like others. Low-vision leads to high dropout rates; Adults with albinism are shunned and passed over for jobs. Poverty is rampant.
Superstition & witchcrafts.Dangerous myths and stigma surround PWA.
Uganda in refugee camps, People with Albinism are called Mizimu meaning “ghosts” its assumed by some that these ghosts bleed different colour or even that they’re immortal. These dangerous beliefs incite the brutal attacks against PWA may be considered a curse and be killed.
Witchdoctors take advantage of the ignorance superstitions, fuelling beliefs that PWA posses magical qualities. They spread the lie that the body fractions PWA used in charm and portions bring wealth, power and good luck.

Helping People living with Albinism
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