• Insecurity, due to cultural beliefs people target these albinos to offer them as sacrifices so the to get riches hence increased rate of human trafficking as case in point according to a survey done in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement, 11 albinos were identified in 2019 and 8 albinos are present in the settlement in 2020. The remaining 3 albinos their whereabouts are not known, currently there is on any services targeting these specific populations.
  • Unable to start up and maintain low income generating occupations because of harsh climate of too much climate and they lack the necessary equipment and materials to protect them from harsh conditions.
  • Lack of enough basic needs ranging from food, shelter, clothing, medical care and education, since this faces social exclusion and they are unable to engage actively in community activities. While populations engage in different income generating activities supplement what they receive from different NGOs but enough, the albinos have to survive on that service alone.
  • Stigma and discrimination, albinos in the camps are given negative nick names and judged which presents a greatest barrier to a complete and satisfying life. They face a challenge of making lasting friends and ended being bullied and abused.
Challenges faced by Albinos in the refugee settlement

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