God’s Hope Foundation Uganda (GHOF-UG) is a refugee – led non-profit organization advocating for physical, cognitive and socio-economic development of marginalized people such as albinos & refugees.

GHOF-UG was founded by Janvier HAFASHA,  a refugee from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with a deep concern for marginalized children, women and elders from war prone countries such as DRC, Burundi, South Sudan and Rwanda. 

GHF-UG was established in 2019 by Janvier HAFASHA who became an orphan at 8 years old after community being attacked by rebels and burnt the their community which didn’t leave lives of his parents. Janvier survived by the grace of God, he fled to Uganda in 2017 and was registered by the office prime minister OPM attached to Kyaka II refugee settlement kyegegwa  District , Uganda. When he reached in the settlement due to the situation and the things he passed through while in Congo and fleeing develop post traumatic stress disorder PTSD ,he shared his difficulties with  church youth leader Claude Jean  who advised him to go to American Refugee Committee ARC the organisation which was giving psycho- social support to refugees in the settlement, he went to the office fortunately welcomed him and was given appointment by a counsellor to go through counselling sessions for  psycho- social support which helped him to overcome PTSD. In 2018 Janvier got inspired to help his fellow refugees who undergo the difficulties he went through and the best way was to volunteer with the organizations within the settlement. In June 2019 he got opportunity to volunteer with Humanity & Inclusion HI former Handicap International Federation, when he started volunteering with that organisation as a community based facilitator , when he  saw the gap of people  who needed support and those who could get the support couldn’t be enough for them to meet their needs. Therefore, he got an idea to establish God’s Hope Foundation Uganda GHOF-UG with a passion to support those who needed help and those who could get support however wasn’t enough for them to satisfy their needs such as albinos, orphans, and unaccompanied refugee minors, children with disability, malnourished children, survival women and elders. Our Core ValuesHonestyCompassionHard Work…Our PhilosophyRemember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows…OUR BELIEFSWE BELIEVE IN A POSITIVE CHANGE It is always our greatest desire to touch…ACTIVITIESTo support education of marginalized children through provision of Scholastic ma…OBJECTIVESTo mobilize and identify people living with albinism, children with disabilities…MOTTORestoring Hope.…MISSIONTo protect, educate, empower and offer psychosocial support to marginalized com…VISIONAn inclusive society that upholds and protects the rights and well being of its …

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